Who is Kris Harris?

My full name is Kris Harris and I live in the East of England in an outpost called Norwich.

I have been hiding myself away building my own special relationship with Google for the last 8 years. Unfortunately this relationship seems to have only been one way, but because of my love for her I have learnt how she works and what she likes to see. Although she does have a tendancy to change her mind in what she’s looking for; so I have to be ever engaged in watching how she performs.

Why do I believe Google is a woman? Because it has an answer for everything (Enough Said)

I have worked alongside some of Norfolks largest web design agencies which has allowed me to come out of hiding to carry out full SEO Training Days and SEO Seminars on their behalf.

My client base is made up from local and national companies, both large and small. One thing they all have in common though is that I enjoy working with them and I’m as passionate about their companies as I am with SEO. If I’m not passionate about you or your product I wouldn’t work with you as its the key to success.

On a personal note I’m a father to a beautiful boy, and am son to an almighty God.

All in all I’m a passionate ordinary guy, who has bills to pay, mouths to feed and a reputation to keep.

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