Hire me

So you want me hey?

OK first things first – I don’t just work with anybody. I have values, that means I won’t work with or promote websites containing the following:

Gambling Websites
Adult Themed Websites
Affiliate Marketers

I’m a passionate guy. That means that if your business doesn’t ring the right bells and interest me then I’m not the right person to do the job. How can you promote something you don’t believe in.

I believe in training, consultancy and hand holding, nobody will know your business better than you – In my book that makes you the best person for the job. If you haven’t got time to physically do it; get your staff, your wife, your kids to help, because believe me all of those people can help push your business online.

So if you meet the above and I haven’t completely put you off yet!

Next step Get in Touch.

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