The importance of Keyword Research

The purpose of any website is to promote services or products that your business is offering. Your website will not be effective though if it can’t be found on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The key to any succesful website is the targeting of keywords that are going to convert visitors into customers.

If you look at the above statement you will see that there is a key word and that word is convert. Its all very well having 10,000 visitors a month to your website, but if they are not becoming customers then chances are your website is not giving you a return on your investment.

Keyword Research finds the most profitable, relevant and searched for terms for your business. It is also also the part of Search Engine Optimisation that is carried out incorrectly. Most website owners will decide which keywords to target (if any) after the website is built rather than building their website around the keywords.

Keyword Research can be carried out using a variety of online tools such as Wordtracker or Googles free Keyword Tool. There are also other areas that can provide you with keyword suggestions such as friends and family, your customers and believe it or not your competitors website.(To view your competitors keywords, go to their website, right click on the mouse and view source. Keywords will be shown in the head section of the code)

You also need to take into consideration the competition levels for your Keywords and how achievable they will be for your budget.

The common mistakes made with Keyword targeting is that most people aim for the big broad Keywords related to their industry and never make it past page 5. If you carry out your research correctly you should have found keywords that you can obtain top positions for relatively quickly. It is better to have fewer visitors that land on your website than target many more and never receive a visitor because your websites sitting on Page 10.

An example of this is if you search for Cranes you will see websites ranging from: Music stores, Birds, Heavy Plant equipment and even a Rock Band. So as you can see keywording your website for Cranes is not always going to bring you targeted traffic. Keep your Keywords specific to your industry even if it means lower traffic, it will be of better quality hence converting into more sales.

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